Veterinarians and Staff
of Capeway Veterinary Hospital


Dr. Philip R. Gaudet, DVM

Dr. Gaudet

Dr. Gaudet received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1973. After working on several beef and dairy farms, Dr. Gaudet attended Texas A&M University 1973 and 1974. He graduated from the National Veterinary School of France in Toulouse, France in 1980. He is a co-owner of Capeway Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Gaudet has lived in this area since 1980 and is happily married with four children. His interests range from reading novels and history to hiking, camping, and exotic travel.

Dr. Ted Sherman, DVM

Dr. Sherman

Dr. Sherman has done this job for over 30 years. He finds it gratifying to feel like he’s helped someone’s pet through either treatment of an illness, preventative care, or educating their owner. He enjoys being involved in the relationship between owner and pet. He likes teaching, and feeling like what he’s taught to pet owners enhances the life of their pets, and thereby their own. Pet owners are the most kind, caring, and fun people in the world, and he feels like he’s been lucky enough to have worked with them for over 30 years.

Dr. Sherman received his DVM from Louisiana State University in 1982, after doing his undergraduate work at the University of Arkansas (making him a tiger and a razorback). He served 6 years in the United States Navy as a destroyer sailor, traveling to European, Mediterranean, Caribbean ports, and the Arctic. As a child Dr. Sherman was a coastguard brat (military family) moving every 3 or 4 years to coastal locations within the United States. He always had pets including cats, dogs, white rats, white mice, turtles, snakes, lizards, chickens, and ducks (it drove his mother nuts, she was not a fan of the rats, mice, snakes, and lizards). He finished high school in Northwest Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains (yes that is where hillbillies are from) in a rural community where most of his friends were from farm families. His wife Diane is an artist specializing in shell art (primarily Sailor’s Valentines). They have four children ranging in ages 21 to 30, four grandchildren ages newborn to 5, two Boston Terriers, and a grumpy old cat.

In his spare time, Dr. Sherman enjoys all things water related (boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming). He has participated in the Buzzard’s Bay swim from New Bedford to Fairhaven twice. He also enjoys spending time with his friends from 12 years of Boy Scout leadership, digital photography, and photo shopping.

Dr. Nandini Jayaram, DVM

Dr. Jayaram

I am lucky enough to have always known what I wanted to be when I grew up and fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to make my professional goals a reality. My career choices likely solidified in my mind after a disastrous episode involving a 10 year old me, my patient old Golden Retriever, a pair of nail clippers, a lot of bleeding, crying and a Sunday night ER visit. I vowed to redeem myself... so far so good!

I did my undergraduate degree at the University of New Brunswick, and fast tracked to vet school at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, both in my home country of Canada. I received my DVM in 1997. Wanting to experience the world, I left Canada after graduation and ended up in Massachusetts…“the world”! I started working at CVH in the summer of 1997, and except for a short stint doing part time work at a low cost spay/neuter clinic, I have been here ever since.

I have been at CVH for the past 16 years because we are like a family. I look forward to coming to work each day where I am lucky enough to work with such a caring and dedicated staff, many of whom are my closest friends. Working with people you not only like and respect, but are knowledgeable and skilled makes going to work a pleasure. The job we do, the animals and people we help, makes it even more fulfilling.

Of course the biggest reason I am a vet is because of the human animal bond. Over the years I have been privileged enough to meet some of the most wonderful pet owners and amazing pets, and witness that bond in action. I love interacting with clients and hearing of all the silly and funny things their pets do that make them a part of their family. It is truly an honor to be a small part of that relationship.

Life in veterinary medicine would not be complete without my entourage: Wilson, a deaf 8 year old American Bulldog who knows sign language…his idea of pretending he “can’t hear me” is to look away. Casey, a sweet 14 year old “Peruvian Mountain Dog” who can be found most summers in the waters off West Island, jaw claimed to a buoy, trying her hardest to tow that lobster trap or boat in! Rudy, an orange tabby of indeterminate age who quietly thinks he is top of our pack and secretly plots to overthrow us all. Last but not least, Winston, a geriatric grey kitty who, like the Energizer bunny, just keeps going.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a cot out back at the office! When not at work you may find me at a spinning class or walking my dogs around town. I’m pretty active and enjoy everything from hiking Mount Monadnock to rollerblading the bike path. I am an avid reader, mostly fantasy, and a fan of trashy TV. I am a world traveler and it is my goal to see EVERYWHERE, literally! Ask me where my next trip is. : )

Dr. Bridget O'Donnell, DVM

Dr. O'Donnell

Dr. O'Donnell grew up on the South Coast of Massachusetts. She spent her childhood surrounded by a pack of Golden Retrievers who nurtured her love for animals. She started her career in the veterinary field working as a kennel assistant in high school, then moved up to a veterinary technician during her college years. She attended the University of New Hampshire and received her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Sciences with a concentration in Dairy Herd Management. After graduating from UNH, she went on to vet school. She attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts and finished her clinical training at the University College Dublin, in Ireland.

Dr. O'Donnell spent two years living and working in central Maine, but then decided to return to her hometown. She prides herself on honoring the human-animal bond. Her professional interests include animal behavior, nutrition, and expanding her knowledge of alternative medicine. Dr. O'Donnell is also involved in the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. She is a dedicated study vet, as well as a dog owner participant. She has two dogs enrolled in the study- Dory and Bosun.

Dr. O'Donnell shares her home with an orange tabby cat, two Cavaliers, a Kittitian Love Hound, and a herd of Golden Retrievers. She hopes to one day start a small backyard organic farm. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, sailing, playing badminton, and spending time with her animals.

Dr. Tracy A. Carreiro, DVM, CPCC

Dr. Carreiro

Welcome back Dr. Tracy A. Carreiro, DVM, CPCC!

Dr. Carreiro grew up on a dairy farm in Rhode Island, and has been involved in animal care for her entire life. One of her favorite things to do as a child was to find and tame wild kittens who lived in her hayloft. As a teenager, she was lucky enough to have a horse to ride and train, and her love of horses endured, even though she doesn't own a horse now.

She attended Tufts University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and also attended Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. Those of you with 2 degrees from Tufts are known as "double Jumbos"; She's not sure if she likes that moniker!

She started her career in mixed animal practice here at Capeway Veterinary Hospital and gained experience with large and small animals as well as exotics, since we were the veterinarians for the local zoo at that time. At her next practice in New Hampshire, she transitioned to a small animal practice and also worked with exotic pet birds. Throughout her career, she has had a special place in her heart for shelter work, and started out volunteering her time for the first few years, and then became a shelter veterinarian for a small shelter in Massachusetts. Currently she works with two shelters in Rhode Island, and still does some part time for another local practice. She is passionate about educating clients and has a special interest in behavior medicine, performing behavior consultations for dogs and cats. She has studied Fear Free practice and is currently studying Low Stress handling for dogs and cats.

She currently has two sibling cats, that were part of a litter she fostered as kittens. The "kittens" are now almost 15 years old. She is an avid reader, and will read almost any genre, and loves all things Outlander. She's working on her bucket list of travel destinations, but feels most at home when she can smell the salt air and hear the seagulls calling.

Dr. Carriero will be helping us out temporarily while we continue our diligent search to find another caring associate veterinarian to add to our team.

Dr. Erin Oakham, DVM

Dr. Oakham

Dr. Oakham grew up in Carver, Massachusetts and always knew that she wanted to become a veterinarian. She loved all creatures and counts some very special Labrador Retrievers, cats, and horses among her most cherished childhood friends. She even took care of a large number of Atlantic salmon smolts in her basement as part of a high school Science Fair project.

Dr. Oakham earned her B.S. degree in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. During her college years, she worked as a veterinary technician, competed with the UMass Equestrian Team and studied abroad in Limerick, Ireland. She went on to attend Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and received her D.V.M. degree in 2002.

Dr. Oakham has been practicing veterinary medicine on the South Shore for the past 17 years. Her professional interests include internal medicine, geriatrics and pain management. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know her patients and clients and considers it a privilege to be able to help them stay healthy and happy.

She and her husband are fortunate enough to share their home with a variety of critters. Keegan is a kind, shy Husky cross who loves to chase rabbits. Finn is a smart, stubborn Border Collie cross who keeps them all in line and isn’t too grumpy as long as he gets his own way. Last but not least are Lily and Bob, two previously stray cats who actually run the show now. Their household is rounded out with three hens, one sweet rooster and four very active goats.

In her spare time, Dr. Oakham enjoys walking her dogs on the cranberry bogs, working on home improvement projects with her husband, gardening, and chasing after those four mischievous goats.

Affiliated Staff

Dr. Mark Stamoulis, DVM, DACVIM (CARD)

Dr. Stamoulis

Dr. Stamoulis is board certified in internal medicine and cardiology. Dr. Stamoulis graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. He completed a small animal internship, followed by a residency in small animal cardiology at the Animal Medical Center in New York. Dr. Stamoulis earned his board certification in veterinary cardiology in 1993. He is at our hospital every other Friday.

Dr. Forrest I. Townsend, III, DVM, DACVS

Dr. Townsend

Dr. Townsend was born and raised in Florida. He entered veterinary school at the University of Florida as part of their early acceptance program and went on to receive his veterinary degree in 2006. Shortly after graduating, Dr. Townsend relocated to New England and started a rotating internship at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. He remained in Rhode Island for the next 4 years where he completed a surgical internship and a surgical residency. In 2012, Dr. Townsend became board certified in surgery. He joined New England Animal Medical Center's team of surgeons in July 2011. Dr. Townsend remains employed at N.E.A.M.C. West Bridgewater full time, and in 2019 he joined our team as a per Diem specialty surgeon.

Over the past few years he has authored publications on such topics as bone marrow aspiration and skin grafting techniques. Dr. Townsend’s areas of interest include soft tissue reconstruction both from trauma cases and tumor resection, fracture repair especially internal fixation techniques and neurosurgery.

Our Staff

Our staff members are highly skilled professionals dedicated to servicing the needs of your pets. We provide individual care for each patient and ensure personal attention to your concerns as an owner.

Our staff is trained to assist you with many of your questions and pet care needs, as well as offer caring support for your pets during their visit at our hospital. They routinely attend continuing education seminars in order to keep up with the progressive changes in veterinary medicine.

Cindy Dumais, CVPM, Practice Manager


Cindy has been around animals her whole life. In fact, she grew up on a small family farm. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that her team is providing exceptional care for every pet, and that they are exceeding pet parent’s expectations. She enjoys getting to know every client and their pets! It is very rewarding for her to be able to see pets from when they are babies through old age.

Cindy’s first love is named Fisher. He is her spoiled, sensitive, mixed-breed shadow. He can often be found directly below her feet in the wrong spots at all times. Miss Myrtle is her misunderstood cat, and was a feral adopted through CVH. She is the true definition of a cat, independent, takes tons of naps, pet me only when I want to be pet or buzz off, but earns her keep by catching the occasional mouse or mole. Pearl, a Husky/Labrador/Mastiff mix is her newest member of her furry clan. She is all personality, and doesn’t have a care in the world; everyday is a party.

Cindy has been with Capeway Veterinary Hospital since 1998 and has been the Practice Manager since 2003. She is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager and has an Associate Degree in General Management. She is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA). When Cindy isn’t managing her wonderful staff, she is entertaining her friends and family year round. In the warmer months, she is boating on the Westport River with her family and friends.

Meghan Champagne, Head Technician


Meghan enjoys educating clients on how to keep their pets happy and healthy. She thrives in emergency situations making sure sick pets get excellent medical attention. She is responsible for supervising and training technician staff, keeping the doctors happy, as well as patient care. She lives with Ramona, a 4 year old long haired dachshund who is a complete diva. Mona hates the rain and loves to eat everything and anything. Her other dog is named Derby, she a beagle mix who she adopted from the C.A.R.E. organization. Derby enjoys jumping over fences and cuddling on the couch. When not here at Capeway, (which is not often) she enjoys socializing with friends and walking around Buttonwood Park.

Allie Bonanca, Technician Supervisor


Allie has been around animals her whole life, which is what sparked her love for this field. She graduated high school with a degree in Large Animal Science and has been working as a veterinary technician for over 10 years now. She can’t picture doing anything else. She has been with Capeway Veterinary Hospital since 2016 and absolutely loves it here! Allie has experience in general medicine as well as emergency medicine and loves jumping in on difficult cases as well as surgeries. With all of her knowledge that she has gained over the years, she loves teaching our technicians new skills whenever she can! Allie continues to attend continuing education sessions and take online courses to learn new skills of her own whenever she can.

Allie has many animals at home but her true love is her sidekick a crazy and loveable Siberian Husky named Autumn-Skie. They love spending time together going for hikes and playing fetch in the backyard. Autumn has a Golden Retriever sister named Penelope-Jayne and 4 cats at home. When Allie isn’t here at work or home lounging with her pups, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends by the water.

David Cordeiro, BSB, CVT, RN, Veterinary Technician


David is a CVH technician and has been a member of the team since 2000. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology from UMass Dartmouth, is a Certified Veterinary Technician, and has an Associate’s degree in the Science of Nursing. David was part of the CVH emergency relief effort for rescuing pets and animals affected by Hurricane Katrina. He spent nine days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing medical and husbandry services to animal victims displaced by the storm. He enjoys running, traveling, socializing on the weekends, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Sharron Crooks, CVT, Client Care Specialist


Sharron came to work at Capeway in 1986, after she decided to follow a childhood dream to help animals. She was already a client of Capeway Veterinary Hospital, she knew the deep compassion and caring they gave to her pets; she wanted to work for them. She became an Animal Care Specialist in 1987, went on to become a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1995, and then a Certified Animal Nutritionist in 2001. Every morning she wakes up knowing that today she is going to make a difference in some animal’s life, that is what they do at Capeway, they make a difference in animal’s lives. Her job consists of customer service, client education, and caring for all creatures big and small. She is a wildlife rehab volunteer and helps as many orphan babies that she can. Her days off consist of feeding, cleaning, and spending time with her many assortment of pets she has rescued. She loves being with all her pets and doing what makes her happy; caring for animals and working with people that love them too. She is also grateful for a wonderful husband that supports her in all she does.

Melissa Smith, Client Care Specialist


Melissa has been with Capeway Veterinary Hospital since June of 2003. As a little girl Melissa had always aspired to work in the veterinary field and was given the opportunity to get a taste of the field in the early 2000’s. Needless to say it was everything she had hoped for and more. Although it was short, the experience was a blessing in disguise and she continued to pursue a career in the field.

Melissa enjoys all aspects of her job, she compares it to the famous saying “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatcha gonna get”. She starts everyday unknowing what it’ll bring, but strives to make someone’s day, whether that’s the youngest or oldest person she meets, or the 4-legged furry friend that walks through the door. Knowing that she put a smile on someone’s face or even made them laugh, she considers it to be a good day.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys spending time with family, friends, and of course her furry family; Matilda, a feisty 6 year old Shihtzu (a breed she has always hoped to have), and another Shihtzu Sarge, both of which were adopted from the Fairhaven Animal Shelter.

Stephanie Ventura, BSVT, CVT, Veterinary Technician


Stephanie has been a member of the CVH team since March 2007. She works per diem. She has a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology from Mt. Ida College and is a Certified Veterinary Technician. She has two dogs: Lizzi, a cairn terrier, and ACE Ventura, a two-year-old terrier mix, and Dory her cat. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Brittni Marshall, Certified Veterinary Technician

Brittni Marshall, Certified Veterinary Technician

Brittni started at Capeway in April 2018. Prior to working in the veterinary field, she was a phlebotomist drawing blood on humans. She decided to attend New England Institute of Technology in RI and graduated from there in 2016. She went on to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.

Brittni's hobbies include reading, doing puzzles, playing computer games, and watching NHL hockey (go Bruins!). She lives with her 3 cats named Frank, Sophie, and Chewie, and her rabbit named Momo.

Lucie Krawczyk, Veterinary Technician

Lucie Krawczyk, Veterinary Technician

Lucie has been a veterinary technician at Capeway since August 2015. She previously worked at a small animal clinic in Vermont, while she completed her Bachelor's in Animal Science. Lucie enjoys her work with small animals and providing compassionate care for our furry companions, but also loves dairy cows and reptiles! She plans on one day going back to school to further her studies in species preservation and wildlife. Lucie enjoys snuggling with her cat Walter, whom she adopted after he was treated by Capeway for a broken leg, spending time with friends, and traveling.

Raigine Furtado, Veterinary Technician

Raigine Furtado, Veterinary Technician

Raigine began her journey at Capeway Veterinary Hospital as a student intern from Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech High School in the Medical Assistant program. She officially joined the staff in October 2013 as kennel help but quickly worked her way up to becoming a veterinary assistant and later a veterinary technician. Raigine also was a volunteer at the Forever Paws Animal Shelter, feeding and interacting with animals needing a home.

Raigine likes spending quiet nights reading a good book and spending quality time with friends and family. Working with animals has always been a dream for Raigine and thanks to Capeway it is now a reality.

Keri Kubik, Veterinary Technician

Keri Kubik

Keri has been a veterinary technician at Capeway Veterinary Hospital (CVH) since 2001. She has hand raised several litters of kittens and has rehabilitated various species of wildlife such as owls and squirrels. In 2005, Keri was part of the CVH emergency relief effort for rescuing pets and animals affected by Hurricane Katrina. She spent nine days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing medical and husbandry services to animal victims displaced by the storm. She has two dogs that she rescued as puppies named Atreyu and Artax.

Tyrell Gomes, Veterinary Assistant

Tyrell Gomes, Veterinary Technician

My name is Tyrell Gomes. I'm currently in the Veterinary Health Care program at Bristol Community College working towards my associates degree. I plan on going to another school (still undecided) so I can get my license and become a certified veterinary technician. When I am not working, I am most likely studying or taking care of my 23 pets, catering to all their needs. My ultimate career goal is to work with wildlife.

Molly Medeiros, Veterinary Assistant

Molly Medeiros, Veterinary Assistant

Molly joined our team in the spring of 2018. She is dedicated and inspired to become a veterinarian and she is enrolled in the UMass Dartmouth Pre-Veterinary program. She enjoys nature hikes and she loves her 3 cats and 2 dogs!

Wendy Thibodeau, Client Care Specialist Supervisor

Wendy Thibodeau, Client Care Specialist Supervisor

Wendy enjoys the day to day activities in the hospital, not knowing what the day will bring. She grieves at the loss of a family member and celebrates with the addition of one after being told... “never again”.

Wendy came to Capeway at a time when she found herself wanting to break away from working with clients as a customer service representative for over 10 years. She wanted to experience working with animals as a technician thinking it would be cute puppy tales and kitten whiskers. Wendy soon found out that being a technician was far more than she bargained for and she decided to stick with what she knew... the human client.

Outside of work, Wendy enjoys time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She spends free time at her home in New Hampshire where she actively snowmobiles and rides UTV’s. Wendy is also the proud parent of Caora, her Border Collie who seems to have a love hate relationship with her bed quilt….loves to lay on it but likes to pull the fluff out of it too. Milan is her special needs cat that waits patiently for her morning shower with anyone that will allow her, and Berlin is her cat that after 7 years is coming out of hiding and socializing with the rest of the family.

Sarah Bobb, Client Care Specialist & Veterinary Technician

Sarah Bobb

Sarah graduated from Apponequet Regional High School in 2010. While there, she took up medical assisting, which lead to an internship at a veterinary hospital during her senior year. She loved that experience, and has been in the veterinary field ever since.

Sarah joined the Capeway crew in 2017 as a Client Care Specialist. She soon began training to work with the docs as a veterinary technician. She says she can't imagine herself doing anything else!

In her free time, Sarah enjoys horseback riding and hiking. She lives with her mini pinscher/dachshund mix, Minnie, and Petunia Mae and Sheldon, her two hedgehogs.

Amy Casmira, Client Care Specialist & Veterinary Assistant

Amy Casmira, Client Care Specialist

Amy started with us in October 2017. She shares her home with a Goldendoodle and a little orange kitty and she loves to spend time with them. In her free time, she enjoys walking along the trails and expressing her artistic side by drawing.

Alaina Basquill, Client Care Specialist

Alaina Basquill, Client Care Specialist

Alaina is a new addition to Capeway Veterinary Hospital, joining us in August 2019. Her love of animals started at an early age which was fostered by a background in horseback riding, aquatic animal advocacy and volunteer work. A portion of her childhood consisted of living on a wildlife preserve in Florida. Alaina went on to attend University of Maryland, College Park, where she earned her Bachelors degree in Animal Care and Management. She has worked in veterinary medicine for the past six years and plans to continue pursuing her passion for animals for many more years. When not working with animals, she is snuggled up at home with her own pet: Pypyr, a rescue kitten, and Fletcher, the charismatic golden. If you happen to see Alaina here at the Capeway Veterinary Hospital, please say hello!

Madison Marcondes, Veterinary Assistant


As a child, Maddy spent most of her time rescuing animals. Maddy is currently attending Bristol Agricultural High School, and she will be graduating in 2019. After graduation, she hopes to attend college to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine. She played soccer for 12 years and planned on pursuing it throughout college, but once she finally turned 16, she gave it all up to pursue her dream and start working with animals. Her dream is to become and Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian. Maddy has a very soft spot for Labrador Retrievers and Persian cats, and actually owns one of each! She has a chocolate lab puppy named Winslow who is her best friend, and a Persian cat named Nugget who holds a very special place in her heart. On her free time she loves to ride her dirt bike, go camping, and volunteer at animal shelters.

Rachel Yanchuk - Veterinary Assistant


Rachel has been involved with animals since the day she was born. Her mother bred dogs when she was young and it sparked her love for animals of all kinds. Rachel was in the Plymouth County 4-H animal programs for 12 years and has experience professionally handling dogs in the showmanship, obedience, and agility show rings. Rachel has a traditional education from Norfolk County Agricultural High School in canine science and livestock/farm management and went on to earn a bachelors degree of science in secondary education for biology and environmental sciences from Unity College. Her goal is to educate others about all animals and their health needs through hands-on learning experiences and proper veterinary medicines. Rachel is always looking for ways to use her gained experience to help others and to find new opportunities to learn more.

When Rachel is not working at Capeway Veterinary Hospital, she enjoys kayaking with her 12 year old Papillon/Jack Russell terrier mix, Abby. Despite her old age, Abby still has the spunk and tenacity of any terrier puppy and is happy to make friends with anyone that comes her way! She loves to chase anything that moves and always wants to be anywhere Rachel is; never taking no for an answer!

Kayla Souza, Veterinary Assistant


Kayla joined us as our evening/weekened Kennel Attendant in early August 2018. Kayla has had a deep passion for animals for as long as she can remember and can often be found helping abandoned or hurt animals she finds in all sorts of places. She grew up with multiple cats and dogs and often volunteered at a Pitbull Rescue. She now owns a rag tag crew of reptiles, fish, small furry creatures and a bird. She also owns a goofy French Bulldog named Benny who holds a special place in her heart. In her free time she enjoys exploring the outdoors, watching the New England Patriots and painting. Kayla hopes to go back to school soon to further her education and knowledge about all animals. She specifically hopes to aid in the restoration of wildlife in need.

April Hughes, Groomer


April has been grooming pets for almost 20 years. She takes great pride in her work and likes to talk each pet through every nail clip, water splash, blow dry and clipper vibration. She is the mother of three adult children and a 10 year old Boxer named Naula. Naula enjoys playing fetch and toss with her favorite toys. In her spare time, April likes to observe wildlife, go fishing, camping and relax out in nature. April is excited to make each of CVH's fury pals a part of her extended family.

“It’s so rare to find a perfect balance of quality care , compassion , and clinical expertise in any medical practice . Capeway Veterinary Hospital has found a way to perfectly execute all these areas.”

— Steve Pinto

“I have been taking my pets to Dr. Jay for almost 15 years because she is a wonderful Doctor and takes such great care of them.As long as I have pets Capeway will continue to be an important part of our lives!”

— Rick Santos

“We have been very pleased with the comprehensive treatment that all of our dogs received at Capeway Veterinary Hospital for the past 25 years. Their friendly and courteous staff members are helpful and supportive. We would highly recommend Capeway to anyone who is seeking quality care for their pets.”

— David Sylvia

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