Compassionate End-of-Life Care:
Serving Pets of the Southcoast Area

Pet End-of-Life Care

As pet owners ourselves, the staff and veterinarians of Capeway Veterinary Hospital know the special bond that exists between pets and the families that love them. We have all been through the difficult decisions that have to be made as a pet nears the end of life and we will offer the support and guidance that pet owners need as they evaluate their own pet’s quality of life.

How Do I Evaluate My Pet’s Quality of Life?

Evaluating quality of life is different for each pet and family. Some of our clients have found it helpful to make a list of the things their pet enjoys and then check which of those the pet can still enjoy. Sometimes, a pet’s discomfort is hard to gage—our veterinarians and technicians are always willing to help pet owners interpret how animals express pain and to help determine if that pain can be sufficiently managed.

What Should I Know About Euthanasia?

Capeway Veterinary Hospital can schedule euthanasia at your convenience. You can be present with your pet throughout the procedure if you choose. Our staff ensures your pet is handled with the utmost care and respect before and after the euthanasia procedure.

We will walk you through burial options, which can range from our taking care of everything, utilizing Final Gift Pet Memorial Center services, to you taking the pet home for a private burial.

We also offer to make a paw print that can be taken home as a memory of the pet, and we make referrals to Tufts University Pet Loss Support for grief support.

Capeway Veterinary Hospital is committed to supporting families through the end-of-life care of their pets. If we can be of service to you, please contact our compassionate staff and veterinarians.

“It’s so rare to find a perfect balance of quality care , compassion , and clinical expertise in any medical practice . Capeway Veterinary Hospital has found a way to perfectly execute all these areas.”

— Steve Pinto

“I have been taking my pets to Dr. Jay for almost 15 years because she is a wonderful Doctor and takes such great care of them.As long as I have pets Capeway will continue to be an important part of our lives!”

— Rick Santos

“We have been very pleased with the comprehensive treatment that all of our dogs received at Capeway Veterinary Hospital for the past 25 years. Their friendly and courteous staff members are helpful and supportive. We would highly recommend Capeway to anyone who is seeking quality care for their pets.”

— David Sylvia

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